Ghia Necil Zilar

Dr. Ariela Mengalic, aka Dr. Merglyn-di Endac aka Ghia Necil Zilar, is a former scientist, who serves well as a medic for Ruby Damnation. As an educated woman, her knowledge of weird stuff sometimes comes in handy.


Ghia Necil Zilar is a black woman in her mid forties. She has short black curly hair and she wears a dirty doctors coat and round goggles. Underneath she wears armored clothing and bandoliers with stimpacks and homemade anaesthetics. After the paranoia got to her, she changed her identity again and started wearing a dark, brown trenchcoat over her armored clothing and a burgundy wig as a disguise. Not even herself is convinced that it will work, but still: she haven’t seen her stalker since. Her beloved medpack is still with her at all times, and most of the time: her disrupter rifle.


Grew up on Alderaan as a lone child. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs Mengalic, were sophisticated and upper middleclass and valued art and culture which they taught their daughter from early age. They also paid for her education at a better University on Coruscant, where she majored in bio-engineering. During her studies she met and married Kerris Mandon (but kept her maiden name)and settled down on Alderaan. She had a son, Raven. During the clone wars she served as a nurse/doctor and learned basic medical treatment, which came in handy after she ran away from her employer, the Imperial […]. She left her family, changed her identity and got new papers as Merglyn-Di Endac, Doctor of Medicine, and settled at Nar Shaddaa where she remained for 20 years, working for Sinasu the Hutt. Only visiting her family once or twice a year she left Alderaan the last time two weeks before it got blown to pieces, or so the rumors say. For all she knows her family is gone, and her hatred for the Empire grew bigger. A few weeks later she was reassigned to help the crew on Ruby Damnation.

Quote: “I took a class in [insert subject] at the University”

Ghia Necil Zilar

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